Wednesday, April 15, 2015

~Loves & Training Recap~

Today I am ~LOVING
- It's my Friday! This week went by so fast! Exciting things lined up for the weekend!
- Getting dressed up each day for work! Some recent outfits! I love this full length mirror at work!

- These sweet snuggles the other day when we got home from work/daycare. Tired little boy!

- My new Jamberry nails from my BFF!

- This definition of "toddler" which explains Audrey exactly... even though she is probably considered a "preschooler" now-  

To recap my first week of my new training program: it actually went quite well! Despite taking 2 weeks off, it wasn't too hard to jump back into it.

Monday- rest

Tuesday- 4K run with the half marathoners. Kept it under 6:00min/km which I am happy with!

Wednesday- I almost took a rest day but at 8:30pm I dragged myself downstairs for a T25 Speed workout! SO worth it!

Thursday- 4K fartlek run by myself while hubby and the kids went to the park after dinner. Not my best run since it was a bit too close to dinner but it was outside and the weather was gorgeous! :)

Friday- yoga!

Saturday- rest

Sunday- 5.5K run with Run Club. I pushed the Chariot for the majority of the run which was tough but I'm feeling stronger already. Not quite as far as I wanted to go- 7K on the plan, but considering I pushed the Chariot, 5.5K was more than enough!

What are you loving today?
Have you been "nailing" your workouts lately?

Monday, April 13, 2015

~Weekend Recap~

Fabulous weekend! I'm definitely sad it's over!

Thursday we met up with my sister-in-law, A and cousin L at the Zoo. The Prehistoric Park is newly renovated so we went to check it out. A lot of the dinosaur statues are interactive, roaring and moving their heads! Kind of scary when you aren't expecting it! I think I was more scared than the kids were!

There is also a new "archeology dig site" aka giant sandbox for the kids to play around in. The girls LOVED it and spent a lot of time in there. We finally had to drag them out for lunch!

Both kids fell asleep in the car on the way home- right tuckered out!

Friday we had Audrey's annual doctor's checkup in the morning. No concerns there! She's grown quite a bit length-wise in the last year and just a bit of weight. No surprise there. I also realized that the kids were wearing coordinating outfits! Oops!

Afterwards we went to the mall since we left Leo's jacket at my sister's last weekend and the poor guy was struggling to fit into an old one. It was slim pickings but we found something that fit!

I was sad to see that Target is now closed, and all locations closed as of yesterday, in Canada. I'm way too sad about this :( And mad...

I went to yoga again, after taking a few weeks off. It was lovely! 

Saturday morning Audrey had her first dance class! I signed her up last minute at a dance studio close by. She was a bit shy at first so hubby stayed for a bit but she warmed right up and had lots of fun! He didn't take any pictures, just a video :( I also need to find her some dance attire- any suggestions on where to find something local?

We met up with our besties for brunch at Diner Deluxe. I had been before, to a different location, years ago and I remember it being good. It did not disappoint this time either!! So delicious! We will be going back again soon.

Leo hugging Audrey's new octopus stuffie!

My friend, Leo and a couple stuffies! Leo was ready for a nap here, hence the snuggles!

Afterwards we drove around the area we are thinking of moving to (not for another year or so) and went to an open house. I love looking at show homes and open houses but the thought of moving snaps me back to reality! Selling a house with a cat was hard enough- with 2 kids will NOT be fun, when we eventually do move.

Sunday we went to the Running Room for Run Club. We started off with the half marathon group, running 5.5K and splitting up from them since they were doing 16K. Hubby and I took turns pushing the chariot- the route was quite hilly so it was a 2 person job. I definitely got my workout in! We remembered the iPad this time so the kids were content. Leo even fell asleep!

Yesterday was also the anniversary of Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope so the Running Room had a celebration for him. They tallied up the distance that everyone ran so it will be interesting to see how many kilometers were covered across Canada.

A "Souper Duper" fundraiser was also held after Run Club for two of our runners that are doing the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride across Canada this fall. Lynn's teenage daughter died of brain cancer about 5 years ago. Lynn is one of my dear running friends- we have done many races together, even sharing the backseat for the long drive to Vancouver for SeaWheeze.

She was also awarded CTV's Athlete of the Week last week. She is one of the strongest women I know and her dedication to raising money for children with cancer is inspiring.

Reading to the junior runners!

Once Leo woke up from his nap he had fun playing with the big ball!

We also stuck around to make our tutus for the Shoppers Drug Mart Run for Women next month! It was a lot of fun and went by way faster when chatting with other people! Audrey was pretty mad at me for not letting her wear the tutu- she wasn't

Mine is all purple (the bag with green tulle was at my feet).

Sunday we spent the rest of the day putzing around the house, doing chores and playing with the kids.

Audrey sporting a yogurt-smoothie mustache!

Leo trying to escape upstairs!

Fun-filled weekend! I could have used a bit more sleep though. It's my own fault though- staying up too late.

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Thursday, April 9, 2015

~Training Update: What's Next?~

Now that the Run For L'Arche 5 Miler is done, I need a new goal to work towards! The best way for me to stay motivated and on track with working out is setting goals, which usually involves signing up for a race.

A bunch of the ladies at my Running Room have signed up for the Shopper's Drug Mart Run for Women on May 24th.

 I heard we will be wearing tutus so I'm in! My sister may or may not be joining me so I decided to do the 5K. I would really, really like to PR and do another sub 30 minute 5K so I'll be training hard for that.

I'm also doing my first triathlon in 5 years!!! I was actually shocked when I realized it's been that long since I did a tri! I am doing the Wasa Olympic Triathlon, which is the last triathlon I did!

This time, I am buddying up and doing a relay. My good friend, A, will be doing the swimming portion and my lovely sister-in-law, L, will be doing the cycling portion and I will be doing the 10K run! We are all pretty excited to be getting back into triathlons, even if it is just one discipline each this time around!

I had to modify some training programs since the races overlap. Tuesdays I will meet the half marathon group for their run, Thursdays I will add in some speed training or Chariot training and Sundays I hope to join the running club, with the family, for long runs.

1Rest4KCross train3K FartleksYogaRest7K run
2Rest4KCross train30 min tempoYogaRest7K run
3Rest4KCross train4K FartleksYogaRest9K run
4Rest4KCross train35 min tempoYogaRest5K Test
5Rest4KCross train5K FartleksYogaRest9K run
6Rest4KCross train40 min tempoYogaRest10K
7Rest5KCross train6K FartleksYogaRest10K
8Rest5KCross train30 min tempoYogaRest5K race
9Rest5KCross train4KYogaRest8K
10Rest5KCross train4KYogaRest9K
11Rest5KCross train4KYogaRest10K Race

So that's what I'm training for next! I will update my training along the way since I find that keeps me accountable.

What are you training for or your latest workout program? 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

.:Leo: 13 & 14 Months:.

I'm having some mommy guilt because I did monthly updates for Audrey until she was 18 months so I feel like I should do the same for Leo. However, the changes are a little more subtle now so I think  I will do an update every 2-3 months. Assuming he sits long enough for me to take pictures!

Eating: Leo went through a picky phase- pretty much tossing everything on the ground, except his smoothies, raisins and cheerios. It was very frustrating for me because he barely seemed to be eating anything. He also refuses to drink milk (Goat's milk, Lactose-Free, and homo milk) from a bottle/cup. While I have been nursing him when I can, it was worrisome for me that he wasn't getting enough food. He had plenty of wet and dirty diapers so I just had to reassure myself that he is fine.

He seems to be moving out of this phase and is eating a lot more variety now. I noticed he cut another molar so maybe that's part of the reason for his pickiness.

I've introduced more dairy into his diet. He likes yogurt but isn't really a fan of cheese, unless it's in something and as I mentioned above, he doesn't like to drink milk.

I'm still nursing him 2-5x a day depending on if it's a work day or not. He doesn't seem that interested during the day and forget if there are any distractions at all. We will take it on a day-by-day basis.

Sleeping: We may have turned a corner with sleep but I am hesitant to get too excited and jinx it! I still do a dream feed around 10pm. Sometimes he wakes up in the night for another feed and lately he seems to be staying asleep until 6:45 or even 7:15am, without any wake ups.

Leo still naps twice a day but he is transitioning towards 1 nap. His naps at the day home aren't the greatest- he usually has 2x 45 minute naps. I'm hoping with the transition to 1 nap he will sleep better at the day home.  He's been going to bed around  6:30-7pm, depending on how he has napped that day.

Diapers: Size 3 Pampers Cruisers or Kirkland brand (so much cheaper!). He wears cloth diapers on the days I'm home but I can't be bothered with the extra laundry on the days I'm working so I'm ok with doing half disposables, half cloth diapers.

Weight/Size: He hasn't been weighed since February so I'm guesstimating he's around 19.5 lbs.

Hair and eyes: His hair seems to be getting a bit darker and it's filling in. It's also curling a little at the back! It's still dirty blonde/light brown. His eyes are still blue.

Leo's eczema comes and goes. It does seem to come back when he has dairy so I'm going to discuss with the Doctor at his next visit what we should do.

Milestones: Leo is walking lots with his walker! He isn't ready to take any unassisted steps yet. He likes cruising the furniture and does endless laps of the kitchen with his walker. He is fast too! He also likes to crawl up the stairs, when allowed.

Talking: Leo babbles quite a bit but he only has a couple works- Mama, Dada, Ahhh (for Audrey), Awww for water or food, Ba for ball.

Sign Language: Leo has caught on to sign language in the last couple of months. He signs for "milk", "water", "food", "all done" and "book"

Teething: Leo is up to 11 teeth. He just cut another bottom molar.

Personality: He's still such a laid back guy. He likes to make you giggle and smile but he has a serious side also. He does not like it when his sister takes things away from him and he's also experiencing some separation anxiety and shyness.
Likes: Books, baths, his stuffie Lion and any stuffie, pots and pans, playing in the Tupperware drawer, shoes, his walker, toy kitchen and anything that makes noise.

Dislikes: Stroller, carseat, being left alone, his face being wiped, looking at or smiling for the camera.

Misc: So far my transition back to work part-time has gone really well. Both Audrey and Leo love their new day home. It feels like the perfect balance only working 3 days a week.

Monday, April 6, 2015

~Easter Weekend~

I hope everyone had a Hoppy Easter!

This weekend was filled with lots of family and Easter fun! Despite the fact that winter decided to join us again, now that it's spring it's snowy and cold out. Oh well- typical spring weather for us.

Friday we switched things up and Audrey and I went to the grocery store together. She sure knows her way around that place, especially where the bakery is!

We spent some time outside while hubby worked on some backyard projects. Bubbles were a huge hit and Leo had his first experience in the sandbox which he loved! He likes running his hands in the sand, using the shovel and having a few bites of the sand! 

For dinner, we went to Uncle C and Auntie L's house. Cousin L was there so the little ones had lots of fun playing together. We had a delicious dinner, including traditional pyrogies! Yum! They had a little Easter Egg hunt for the little girls too! They quite enjoyed that!

Skyping with Grandma and Grandpa

Saturday we went to the Market in the morning for an Easter Egg Hunt. It was so busy there which was great to see. Audrey got some chocolates, Mom and Daddy got P&S coffee so it was a good trip!

Audrey hates chocolate, just like her mother! ;)

Sunday the Easter Bunny came! Audrey was so excited to find chocolate and eggs all over the house. Leo was a little more reserved about the whole thing! 

It snowed overnight so there was no outdoor play. Hubby worked in the garage on his projects while the kids and I played inside. 

We had Easter dinner at my sister's. Dinner was so good! I'm still stuffed from all the turkey!

Mashed potato fan

Auntie and Leo

The Easter bunny stopped by Auntie's house for the kids too- brought a colouring book which Audrey enjoyed using with Olivia.

And that's a braid people!! :)

Mischievous smile!

I think it's safe to say everyone had a fun weekend! Now to hide all that chocolate that the Easter bunny brought so Mom doesn't eat it all...