Tuesday, December 16, 2014

~Holiday Photos~

One afternoon, I took some holiday themed photos of the kids. It was fun dressing them up and snapping pictures of them interacting with each other. I'm definitely not a pro by any means but I got a few good shots that I'm pretty happy with, even if they were both a bit serious!

Audrey was so excited to wear her Christmas dress. She twirled around and around and did not want to take it off afterwards! Such a change from a year ago when it was pulling teeth to get her into a dress!!

Friday, December 12, 2014

~Five for Friday~

Oh it's Friday again, where did the week go? I certainly didn't spend it blogging!!

1. Yesterday, we went to the Momstown Christmas Party and met up with Alison and Delainey. It was a bit chaotic there but we had a good time. Audrey was a bit apprehensive towards Santa again, at first. She wouldn't sit on his lap but at least I got her to stand next to him!

Delainey on the other hand, not a fan!

Later on, they announced that Santa would be reading a story and Audrey bee-lined over there to sit right next to him!

"I'm ready, Santa!"

Anyone that reads to her is in her good books!!

2. Today, we went over to Auntie L's house to decorate cookies with Grandma, Auntie A and cousin L. The little girls had fun decorating the cookies and were quite focused. I think the sprinkles was their favourite part and eating the cookies, of course!

Leo just happily hung out!

3. Audrey is on a tutu kick right now! She has worn this tutu two days in a row now!!

twirling around

4. The tree is still up and hasn't been abused too much by little fingers but it's not from a lack of trying!

5. We are in full Christmas swing over here, if this post wasn't any indication!! Hubby and I went to a grown up Christmas party last night and tomorrow night we are going to another one! We are grateful to have family close by to look after our little ones while we have some adult time.

Still have lots to do though- must finish the photo books this weekend so they are under the tree for Christmas! Christmas cards are next and baking if we have time!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

~Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap~

Thanks to Leigh and Lindsey for hosting this fun Christmas swap again! I love getting packages and 'meeting' new bloggers!

Jenny left me a nice package on my front step! Always nice to get a surprise instead of the usual flyers.

I quickly dove into it and found the cutest ornaments ever!

The fox is so awesome and the glass ball is so unique!

I quickly found perfect places for them on our tree!

Thanks again Jenny!!

Monday, December 8, 2014

~Weekend Recap~

Another crazy busy weekend over!

Friday the kids and I ran some errands and mailed a very special letter off to Santa!

I went to yoga in the evening which was relaxing as always. Never have a bad class.

Saturday was spent preparing for some dinner guests and decorating the house for Christmas. I was starting to feel very behind since everyone seems to have their trees up and houses decorated for weeks now and we were just getting around to it. I've been listening to Christmas music for the past week but it didn't feel Christmas-y without some decorations up, despite being 90% done my Christmas shopping.

I also spent 1000 hours working on the photobooks. And I still need to send out Christmas cards. I have them... just need to sit down and write them! And Hubby needs to finish the Christmas letter.

Our friends came over for dinner. We put the kids to bed and then had a nice adult dinner (admit it- dinner with children is a gongshow, always!). Afterwards we played some games, had a few drinks and just had a great time.

The mouse also made an appearance at dinner! Yah, talk about an uninvited guest! We hadn't seen or heard anything since I saw him on Tuesday and he has to show up when we have guests- in our bottom stove drawer! Yuck!!

The guys tried to catch him but he hid somewhere. I spent the rest of the evening with my feet up!

Sunday morning I met up with my running group for a 12K Hanson Ranch run. It was more like a walk than a run because it was so icy out that it was unsafe to run for most of it. At least there was good company and it wasn't too cold out.

While I was out running, Hubby and the kids went to the store to get more mouse traps. He pulled the stove and fridge out and the mouse was back there! He ended up vacuuming up the mouse in the Shop Vac! He's dead now! (As I was writing this post, I saw another mouse! We are moving!)

When I got back from running, we headed out to go Christmas tree hunting with hubby's family. We drove towards the mountains to where we can cut down trees. We don't go to a tree farm- just an area where you are allowed to cut trees so it involves a lot of walking through snow and searching for the perfect tree. It's a lot of fun!

We had 3 perfect trees to find so it took a bit of time. Thankfully it was a nice sunny day so it was enjoyable to be outside. I wore Leo in the Ergo and Hubby wore Audrey in the hiking backpack, although she did walk a bit too.

My sister-in-law took some nice pictures with her good camera, which I am grateful for because I didn't get many good ones on my iPhone.

This pink hat... it's Audrey's.
Tree scouting with Uncle

Her favourite mode of transportation!

Checking out the trees

Auntie and Uncle found their perfect first tree!

Walking with Grandpa

Uncle, big and strong, carrying his tree

Hubby cutting down our perfect skinny tree! Leo and I supervised.

Hauling it from the forest

With all our trees!

After everyone carried out their trees from the forest, we had some hot chocolate and yummy banana bread while the boys strapped the trees to the roofs.

We spent the evening decorating the tree. Audrey so loved all the decorations and helping to put them on the tree. Only one casualty and thankfully not a sentimental ornament (one of those red, green and gold ones below).

 Our little tree decorator!

Audrey attempting to put the angel on the tree- Daddy had to help.

 I added some ribbon after. Still undecided... it's so hard to get it even and looking right.

A couple new ornaments

This year's Pinterest thumbprint ornament
So that's our weekend!! Never a boring moment around here!