Tuesday, February 9, 2016

~Run for L'Arche: Training Recap Week #2~

The 5 Mile plan:

This week was also an exercise in flexibility and listening to my body.

To recap my 2nd week of training:

Monday: T25 Speed 3.0. Holy heck was this workout every hard! It's my first week of T25 Gamma and it is no joke! The sweat! It wasn't my best workout because it was my first time doing it so I was trying to figure out half the moves but I think it will be a good one, if it doesn't kill me!

Tuesday: 2 Mile run on the treadmill. I need to remember to write down my time!

While I like the message on this shirt, cotton is NOT good to run/workout in!

Wednesday: The schedule called for T25 but I decided to rest. 6 days of working out is a bit intense for me with my busy life schedule so I thought that I would listen to my body and rest instead of pushing it. I don't want to get injured or sick since that will only delay me from reaching my goals.

Thursday: 2.2 mile run on the treadmill. Leo didn't nap very long so my run was spent making sure he didn't come near the treadmill. I turned a movie on for the kids to watch hoping that it would distract him but he was more interested in playing with his toys and seeing what I was doing. I almost quit a few times but I didn't have any other chance to fit the run in that day so I had to get it done when he was awake.

Friday: It was a super packed day for me and I'm not very good at waking up early to workout so I decided to switch my Saturday rest day to Friday.

Saturday: T25 Extreme Circuit. Another killer workout and I'm pretty sure I could feel my biceps getting stronger! Gamma really steps it up so I'm hoping to see some good results in combination with my running.

Sunday: 2.5 Miles on schedule, which I did about 2.6 Miles (4.3KM). This time I wore my Garmin. My average pace was about 6:22 min/km. This run felt quite hard- my legs were heavy and my cardio seemed weak. Hopefully it will keep improving with every run.

What was your best workout this week?
How do you balance cross training and training for a race?

Monday, February 8, 2016

~Weekend Recap~

Monday already? I know I really can't complain because I do get a 4 day weekend every weekend but this one went by exceptionally fast!

Thursday I ran errands with the kids, which involved a trip to the mall and play area. Leo is starting to resist the stroller so I spent a bit of time chasing him around. I'm having deja vu of when Audrey used to be like this. Thankfully now she is more helpful and actually listens.

Friday was a change in routine. I qualified for a Leader Lunch and coaching with the R+F Home Office team. I missed the last one due to a work conflict so I really didn't want to miss this opportunity again. The kids went to the dayhome for the day, which they didn't mind at all. I ran of a bunch of childfree errands in the morning- bliss, before heading to the lunch. It was held at The Block Kitchen and Lounge  and the food was amazing!! I would highly recommend it and we will definitely be back for a date night. 

It was a great afternoon of collaborating with other leaders, getting an update on how Canada is doing (awesome!) and what's to come in 2016. It was very uplifting to be in a room with so many amazing women and I felt very honoured to be among them. 

I spent the evening giving this guy extra snuggles and stories. I was super nostalgic that he was going to be 2 the next day! I may have cried a few tears while reading "On the Night You Were Born" to him.

Saturday was Leo's 2nd birthday!

He was pretty excited to open his presents! No surprise it was a bunch of cars!

He was pretty excited about the balloons, especially the Cars one!!

Guess how he spent his day! Watch where you walk...

Ready... Set... Go!!!

The creative ones did some crafts.

There was some drama at cupcake time. Audrey cried because she didn't get her cupcake first. Leo was super excited at first when he saw the candles and we were singing Happy Birthday but then he burst into tears because he wanted the pink cupcake, not the blue one.

Hubby went out Saturday night for his annual alumnae dinner so the kids and I had a quiet evening.

Sunday we celebrated our little friend Cahira's 2nd birthday. She is 3 days older than Leo. Her mom is a teacher so there were lots of fun activities for the kids to do. Good thing she handed out aprons! It was a Hungry Caterpillar theme.

Making butterflies... or colouring on your own hand.

Birthday Girl!!

Decorating their own cupcakes. Genius idea! Leo's little green moustache killed me!

After the party I went for a run. It was around -5C so I layered up but ended up being a bit too warm. I listened to the podcast "Here to Make Friends" about the Bachelor shows and it was hilarious!

Apparently it was Super Bowl Sunday so hubby invited his brothers and their families over to watch, hang out and have dinner. We hadn't seen them since Christmas so it was great to visit again. The kids had lots of fun playing together.

So it was a pretty packed weekend! I'm ready for a break!

What was the most exciting part of your weekend?

Saturday, February 6, 2016

.:Leo: 2 years:.

Happy 2nd Birthday Leo!!

Still amazes me that it was 2 years ago he was born!! I blinked and he became a toddler! His newborn days seem so long ago yet I remember him being a tiny, squishy newborn like it was yesterday. All the drama leading up to his birth (they thought he was too small plus he was breech) feels like a distant memory. Thankfully everything turned out fine (he wasn't too small) and he has thrived into a happy, healthy, stubborn, loud and always entertaining 2 year old!

Eating: Leo is still a pretty good eater. He definitely has his likes and dislikes but overall he is willing to try at least one thing on his plate. He loves vegetables, meat, fruit, raisins, toast with jam (& peanut butter), yogurt and granola (gran as he calls it), and anything sweet! He's uses a spoon and fork all the time. He likes to throw his plate on the floor when he is done which is frustrating!

Sleeping: Sleep has been off and on the last few weeks which I attribute to 2 year molars and sickness. He has had some nights that he wakes up crying, wanting mommy and to cuddle in the chair or in our bed. Overall he is a pretty good sleeper still, from 7pm-7am, with a half hour variance on each end. 

He is still sleeping in his crib. We decided to not convert it to a toddler bed or move him into a bed until necessary, since we don't need the crib right now. It's easier to keep him contained this way!

Leo naps once a day in the afternoon for about 1.5-2.5 hours.

Diapers: Size 4 Kirkland brand and cloth diapers at home. We aren't thinking about potty training for a couple more months.

Weight/Size: He will be weighed next week so I will update later. I'm guessing he is around 25-27 lbs.  He is wearing 18-24m and 2T clothes.  He wears size 7 shoes.

Hair and eyes: Blonde hair with a few curls! He's going to need a haircut soon. Eyes are still blue.

Talking: He says lots of 2 and 3 word sentences! His language has exploded the last two months. He can count to 12 on his own, and to 20 with help. He is working on his ABCs. He is pretty good with colours, although until recently every time you asked him what colour something was he said "pink"! He loves to finish the last word of each page in a book. 

Latest phrases: 'Ready, Set, Go!', 'See Mommy', 'Watch Cars', 'Play cars', 'Ca-chow!', "Love you Mommy", "Audrey did it"

Sign language: He still signs for 'more' and 'please' but he mostly talks now.

Personality: Leo loves to make you laugh! He will do things to see your reaction. He is such a mama's boy!! He often doesn't want Daddy at all and will cry for Mommy. Sometimes on my work days we have to FaceTime in the morning so he can see me and stop crying. He will say' Talk Mommy phone.' It's pretty sweet but it's hard on Daddy when he wants nothing to do with him.

Teething: The 2 year molars are coming in- at least 3 of them have cut through. He has been a bit clingy and whiney which I'm attributing to the molars.

Somewhat teething related, Leo stopped taking his soother around 22 months. He only had it at bed/nap time and even then he was daily indifferent to it. So we stopped offering it and he never asked for it. I'm amazed at how easy it was to rid him of it because he used it for so much longer than Audrey did. 

Likes: Running, books, cars, Cars movie, Mommy and his blanket! He also loves to climb- gives me a heart attack every time I catch him on the couch or chairs or anything high! Leo loves to "colour" and do crafts!! He makes a craft every day at the day home and excitedly shows me when I pick him up!

Dislikes: When you tell him no or take something away from him, when his sister doesn't let him in her room, being contained in the stroller or cart.

Misc: Two is such a fun age!! We are slightly entering the 'terrible two's' with tantrums. I feel more prepared for his tantrums though and not having a newborn to also care for makes it feel easier this time around. Daddy disagrees! He says Leo has more tantrums than Audrey did.

Audrey and Leo play so well together most of the time. They will fight over toys but they are both pretty good at sharing. It's so nice to see they can entertain each other.

Leo, it has been two incredibly fast yet memorable years that you have been part of our daily. It's hard to remember what it was like without you. You bring so much joy, happiness and laughter to our home. You are sweet, loving, loud and so smart! The way you nod your head and stomp your feet when you get mad is hilarious! We love you so much and can't wait to see what this year brings in the adventures of Leo.

We love you!!! XOXOX

Mommy, Daddy and Audrey

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

~Run For L'Arche 2016: Training Recap Week #1~

Remember how last week I mentioned about being flexible with your training program? It's the first week and I've already changed my training program around a bit!

Here is my new plan:

I changed my rest day from Monday to Saturday. I also changed the double workout on Wednesday to just a run. For time and the sake of not overdoing it as I return to running, I decided this will work better for me.

My training program taped up on the wall in front of my workout area

To recap my first week of training:

Monday: T25 Dynamic Core 25 minute workout. I came home from work and almost decided to skip my workout for the day but I knew I would feel better if I got it done. Not surprisingly, it energized me and I felt way better about doing it.

Tuesday: My first run in a couple months! 2 Miles were on the schedule and I did it on the treadmill after the kids went to bed. It felt good to get back at it!

Wednesday: T25 Rip' T Circuit. Tough but good, sweaty workout!

Thursday: Another 2 Mile run on the treadmill, this time during Leo's nap.

Friday: The schedule called for T25 or Yoga... I ended up doing both! I did T25 Dynamic Core in the afternoon and then met a friend for HOT yoga in the evening. Holy workout!! So much sweat! It was great though- will definitely do more hot yoga classes in the future.

Saturday: REST!!!

Sunday: My first run outside in a couple months! It was a beautiful Chinook day. It was about 2C outside so I could have used a better headband to keep the wind out of my ears but overall it was fantastic! Scheduled called for 2 Miles- I did a 4K loop. My Garmin wasn't charged so I am not sure what my pace was but I was breathing pretty hard. I probably should have slowed down but it may have been the hills that had me breathless.

I'm pretty happy with how my first week of training went! I'm sure more tweaks will be made to the schedule along the way.

Did you take advantage of the nice weather & run outside this weekend? 
Did you follow your workout schedule this week or make some changes? 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

~Run For L'Arche 2016: 5 Winter Running Tips~

When I first started running about 8 years ago, I would run from about April till October and stop for the winter. I wasn't a fan of treadmill running, and I needed a bit of a break from then triathlon training.

A couple years after doing that, and having to start at what felt like square one in the spring with my running, I decided to continue running in the winter. At first I did some solo runs outside in the cold, dark and snowy sidewalks, and then we invested in a treadmill. I wasn't really a fan of the treadmill though so it didn't get used that much that first winter.

The next winter (2010), I had done my first half marathon in the fall and had fallen in love with that distance. I found an amazing running group and so I started training for my next half marathon, in February! Running in the winter is very different, at least where I am. The weather and road conditions really become a factor in staying safe.

So here are my tips that I have learned over the years for running safely in the winter:

1. Be prepared- know the conditions. Dress for the temperature, and the wind chill. Layer, layer, layer! It's not about looking good, it's about staying warm! Last year I put together a running attire guide that I refer to depending on the temperature and conditions. Invest in good layers, a pair of shoe grips, a warm hat and gloves. Maybe even a balaclava if you are brave! I also suggest bringing a dry, warm set of clothes to change into right after your run is done, if you aren't running to/from home. Nothing worse than freezing post run because your running clothes are all sweaty!

2. Be flexible- sometimes you need to alter your training plans because the conditions don't allow for your scheduled run. Often I will change my long run when I know a snow storm is going to blow in the day I'm supposed to do it. Or I will run on the treadmill so that I don't risk falling on the ice and injuring myself.

3. Stay hydrated- just because it isn't hot outside doesn't mean you don't need water! Make sure you hydrate well before going out for your run. If you do carry water while running (I do when running 10K+), make sure you do what you can to prevent it from freezing! Start by filling your bottles with warm water. You can also wear your water belt (or camelback) under your jacket, protecting it from the wind. Having Gatorade or other sugary drink has a lower freezing temperature. Some people also like to carry a hand-held water bottle so that the heat of their hand reduces the freezing, however running with a handheld water bottle only hurts my back (puts me off balance).

4. Run with someone or let someone know your planned route and approximate length of your run- when running in the winter there are so many other factors to think about- cold, ice, snow, and with those come potential hazards. I've slipped on the ice and fallen while running in the winter, as have a number of my running friends. A few times people (not me) have had to go to the hospital for stitches or for concussions due to falls. It's also good to carry ID and your emergency contact information, so the Road ID is a great thing to have on you while running or cycling, winter or not. I have a Road ID bracelet that my husband bought me.

5. Have fun! This may not be the time to go for a personal best. It is not worth risking injury so I like to think of winter races and running as just a way to stay in shape and keep me prepared for the races later in the year that don't have snow and ice to slow me down. Slow is better than injured! That being said, my two personal best half marathon times are from races in February so it really does depend on the conditions of race day and the training runs leading up to the race.

What's your winter running tip?

Thursday, January 21, 2016


It's been awhile since I've done one of these posts and I always enjoy reading them!

Watching… Suits! Still! On the 5th season so I'm also caught up!

Harvey is so dreamy!

I'm also watching The Bachelor for the first time in a few years! A few blogger friends decided we needed to have a weekly girls night to watch/discuss/laugh about the Bachelor events so that's what we are doing!

Ben is also sweet and dreamy!

Reading… The Big Leap for personal development. It has it's purpose- if you are looking to get over your fears and develop yourself personally or professionally then it's a great book. I'm looking forward to reading something a bit lighter once I'm done it though!

Drinking… water, water and water! Big goal this year is to drink more water. I have a harder time doing this at home since I'm running around doing stuff and my water isn't always within reach. So I'm now filling up multiple bottles and keeping them within easy access.

I also found a new, delicious white wine... Jacob's Creek Moscato. A friend brought it over and we destroyed a bottle. I must restrain myself to one or two glasses a week though.

Training… I'm currently in Alison and Amie's Beachbody Challenge group this month so I have been sweating like crazy doing all the T25 workouts! It's been great staying accountable to others and cheering everyone on! I'm also noticing some muscle definition, definitely stronger and perhaps a little less squishy?

I also start my training next week for the Run for L'Arche 5 Mile that I mentioned earlier this week. This is a great distance and I've enjoyed doing this race in the past.
Listening… I need to update my playlists! I've been listening to Adele's new 25 album (I love a few songs, some are meh).

Wearing… I did a huge purge of my closet last month (when I thought we might possibly be listing our house and moving). I got rid of 3 garbage bags of stuff! So I've decided to only add items to my wardrobe that bring joy and I know I can get a lot of wear out of. No more spontaneous purchases at the grocery store or buying something just because it's on sale. I need to love it, be comfortable in it and it has to be versatile. Some trendy items are okay, as long as I know I will get lots of wear out of them.

Eating… I'm cleaning up my diet. For the last 6+ months I've had the attitude that I can eat anything (in moderation) because I workout. Well while working out definitely prevents me from gaining a ton of weight, not watching what I eat is not helping me reach my fitness goals. I was snacking way too much in the evening, not eating enough, eating too much, eating lots of processed food that wasn't given me lasting energy, etc. Not anyway! I will still allow treats but I don't need the whole bag of chocolate or ice cream every day! Prepping healthy snacks and meal planning better on the days I'm at home for lunch will also aid in this clean up.
The most delicious energy balls!! So good! 

Loving... my new mirror/jewellery armoire that Santa brought me ;) My bling is all organized and accessible now! 

Planning… Audrey & Leo's birthday party next month! Hard to believe they are almost another year older. Hubby made me promise I wouldn't go crazy with the planning... I'll try!
Dreaming… of our trip to New York in the spring! So much planning to do!

Dreading… that we still have 4+ more months of winter left. We have been lucky that we got a late start to winter this year but I'm done with it now! At least the kids are enjoying some time in the snow but we are starting to get some cabin fever!

Excited… to catch up with a bunch of friends from University on Friday! I've missed this annual event for the last few years so I'm looking forward to seeing old friends!
Thankful… for so many good things in my life! There have been some recent disappointments (goodbye dream home...) but I know that things will work out in the end and I just need to be patient. It can always be way worse and I have it pretty darn good!

Tell me something you are currently doing!